About inpilot

We're the people giving LinkedIn new AI superpowers.

Learn about how a small team of computer geeks is revolutionizing the way people connect, network, and create new businesses opportunities on LinkedIn thanks to the power of AI.

On a mission to make social media more sustainable

Hey! We are the team behind inpilot, the first all-in-one suite of AI tools built for LinkedIn. It all started out as an idea: "What if we could remove all the complexity from creating good content for LinkedIn that actually generates results?". So we created inpilot 🎉

We started working on custom generative AI way before the whole ChatGPT thing went viral - yes, we're really proud to be some of the early adopters of AI 😂! Fast-forward one year later, and we're partnering with the two leading AI development companies like Microsoft and Google to bring our users the best content generation and management experience on the market.

As we're writing this page inpilot is still in beta, but we're working hard to scale to support thousands of users. There are a lot of exciting things coming up, so stay tuned!

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